1. Q) We need a caregiver to assist with my mother’s showers, prepare her meals and do light housekeeping for her, can you provide that service?

A) AHHCI is a Licensed Skilled Home health agency and we can only provide services that need licensed professionals such as, RN’s, LVN’s, PT’s, OT’s, ST’s, MSW, RD, RT and CHHA.

2. Q) My parent is not under the care of any physician at this time, but we want to have a nurse to visit her to check her Blood Pressure, a Physical Therapist to teach her exercises and a Home Health Aide to assist her with bathing, can you admit her under your care?

A) All patients in a fully licensed Home Health Agency needs to be under regular care of a Physician to qualify for admission and care of a Home health agency. You can call us so we can explain more about this to you and your family.

3. Q) Do you accept patients without insurance? Can we pay out of our pocket?

A) Yes, we do help patients without insurance because we do accept, admit and provide our services to patients on private pay or those that pays out of their own pocket.

4. Q) My father is under your care, he needs to go to his physician for an appointment, can you take him there?

A) Our license does not allow us to transport patients, not any of our employees are allowed to transport patients, but we if there is a need for assistance to have access to transportation, our social workers can help the patients to what our community has to offer.

5.Q) My father does not speak and understand english, how can you help him?

A) We do have employees that are bilingual in different languages and we also provide language interpreters.